The Odd Couple


Want to know why parenting more than one child is hard?  Because if you have more than one child, they probably aren’t going to be the same.  At all.  Because they are different people.  Isn’t that difficult?  The individuality?  The fact that their favorite meals and TV shows and books aren’t exactly the same?  How in the world is one parent supposed to deal with all of these different people living in our home?  I think I thought I was going to get clones and, instead, I got real individuals with real personalities here living under our one roof.

If these two can hold hands, Israelis and Palestinians should be able to get over their differences.  I have no real answers; I just nod and listen and hope that they keep on holding hands.


The Odd Couple

Life is hard, he asserts.
But so beautiful, she adds.

I think I am old enough
for a pet horse with wings, she says.
There are no horses
with wings, he responds.

Black is no color at all, he declares.
Black is every color all mixed into one, she offers.

Between them I sit like a judge,
weighing their statements
as they watch to see
what my reaction will be.

Between them I swing back and forth like a pendulum,
agreeing with one and then the other
as they show me
two sides of the same coin,
two hearts from my own.

I hope he feels happiness, I worry.
I hope she doesn’t get hoodwinked, I think.

I hope I can parent down the center.

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