Shotgun Start

It starts with
the pitter-patter of feet or
a yawn that whispers
through the walls.
It starts with
the sounds you’ve waited
so long to hear,
“Dada dada, Mama mama,”
or sometimes a cry.

And you’re off.
You can’t stop it now.
The flow is
moving you,
carrying you
through the morning.

It’s diapers changing, breakfast making, kids dressing, hugs giving, books reading,
cleaning, laundering, wiping.
No yelling (the yelling doesn’t make it go faster; you’ve tried and failed here before).

Find your pacer:
the slowest amongst you sets the pace.

One step ahead of
or just keeping up with
the chaos that is flow.

On rare occasions,
the gun doesn’t sound.
The babe doesn’t wake early.
The kids sleep in.

On rare occasions,
I wake to the sound of silence.

I write,
I read,
I cook,

I wait
for the bang.

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  • You just nailed it with this one, Annie!

    We overslept today and then hit the ground running. I stuck with my (not so wise) plan to make green juice every morning this week. Really bad idea, by the way, because I made a huge mess and then had to clean up all of the freaking Jack Lalanne juicer parts. I was quickly reminded why I hate using that thing. Only saving grace was that the juice was good! Then my coffeemaker decided to go on strike and leak water all over the counter, drip down the cabinets and onto the floor.

    The dishwasher was full of dirty dishes, so I couldn’t add anything else.

    The jacket and pants that G has been obsessively wearing lately were still wet and in the washer. Into the dryer they went.

    The guys are finally out the door and on their way to school and work. I’m left here with a cold cup of coffee and the remnants of the morning.


    January 5, 2015 at 5:06 pm

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