The Sweet Spot (8×10)


The Sweet Spot
$15, includes shipping

-Printed on premium white card stock
-Hand-lettered in gold and silver
-Ready to frame
-Print is wrapped in a plastic sleeve for protection and shipped flat in a cardboard envelope

“When we’re in the cold, we long for some heat.
When we’re in the dark, we long for some light.
When they are needy babies, we long for some alone time.
When they are aloof teens, we long for some connection.

How rare it is to love
all of what we are in

And yet, today,
this sweet spot,
is all we’ve got (what a cliche, I know,
but ignored even so).

I take their hands and go to where
we can each find
some heat in the cold, some light in the dark,
some alone time, some connection,

however we can,
so that we can all see in color
in this sweet spot of today.”

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