Celebratory Tissue Box


“Celebratory Tissue Box”
$14, includes shipping
It’s like a card and like a great big hug and also like someone handing you a real tissue when you most need it. I feel like it’s one of my better hare-brained ideas.

– 3x3x3 in cube with tissues inside
– Wrapped in twine with a cardboard note circle (to use if you’re giving it as a gift)
– Hand-lettered and printed by me
– Shipped in a cardboard cubed box

Side 1: Happy tears need to be wiped, too!
Side 2: Way to go! Woo hoo! Nicely done! Yes! You did it! Yippee! Congrats!
Side 3: same as side 1.
Side 4: same as side 2.

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