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Christmas Wonder

  Mr. Rogers - that kind spirit of a man - said that during scary times we should look for the helpers. Christmastime can be scary because some (read: almost all) people get nutty.  Normal, good, kind people get nutsos.  I don't know what happens: I have...

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Parenthood, (The Good Parts)

Some people aren’t going to get this one or like this one or think this one means anything but gibberish.  That’s ok.  This is for the rest of us.Sometimes, I only want to read words about the good stuff.  And sometimes, the good stuff of...

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“What Did You Learn at Preschool Today?”

  Since she began school in September, my daughter comes home each day with stories about her class time.  I noticed a theme begin to emerge: when I would ask what she learned at school, her answers were always in the negative.  And they sounded a...

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To Be Seen

  When I was a girl, and then yesterday, too, I used to pray, not for world peace or an end to poverty, but instead, to be seen. I would get found in a game of Hide and Go Seek because I would run out from my place of hiding when a car drove by, just in case that...

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When Coupling Is Hard

  I believe the third rail (if you're not a city person, that's the rail you don't want to touch) in the writing world is the honest discussion of marriage and of how having young children changes marriage (life gets real - real fast).  Petty grievances...

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The First Touch of Snow

  It all begins before we even know it has begun. The first flutter, the first kick, the first breath, the first cry, the first smile, the first step he takes when he doesn't reach back for my hand. They are not our possessions, you know. They are our companions with whom we get to experience all of our firsts again. This time around is...

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