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Come See Me at West Elm!

My prints will be for sale at West Elm in Oakbrook on Saturday, October 17th from 2pm until 8pm. Will you come and say hi to me? Here’s how I’d love to make it seem: I just whipped up these prints with my words and stores...

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Before You Go….

I took this picture when these two said goodbye to each other on her first day of school this week. It is the most beautiful moment I’ve got for the week with 0.0 other contenders. Of course that is probably not true, but I like...

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Errands with A Two-Year-Old (in Pictures)

"Last stop.  Just going to run in and get what we need," we say.  "No biggie.  It'll only take a second.  We'll run in and run out.  Come on, Little Buddies." You guys, it is just never that when they are with us.  I present to...

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