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A Gift Idea for Mother’s Day for Mothers of Young Kids

No need for flowers or breakfast in bed; a handmade card will do. What I want most of all is for this day to be different than tomorrow. I want the children dressed, listened to, fed, and entertained by someone other than me. I want the house tidied, the toys put away, the dishes done, the food prepared, the groceries shopped, the linens...

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Foreplay, After Having Kids

He kissed me when he left this morning. And said, “Thanks for all that you do around here,” while nodding his head toward the sink, the kids, the laundry room. He put those kids to bed when he got home. He cleaned the bathtub so I could take a bath while he straightened up. He did the...

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I hold him tightly while I rock him. I exhale slowly and release all of the tension in me, all of the love in me; it filters through him. I hold him and he tucks into me, into the place from which he grew. He will call me one Thanksgiving and tell me...

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  Snapshots I take a picture of her in my mind. I record her words in my heart. If I can, I snap a picture. If I can, I write it down. I do this for the day she yells at me, or mumbles under her breath if she’s learned anything at all, “I hate you” or “You...

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    Sentimental “You’re so sentimental now.” I respond defensively at first. But then, I think, how would I otherwise make it through? I pour myself a glass at 5pm, or meet friends at a park, to laugh off the day. But then, when it’s the middle of the night and the bottle’s empty and the friends are asleep, but my baby...

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Bitches Get Shit Done

It’s 4pm, also known as Mama’s So Tired and Kids Are Crazy o’clock. I want nothing more than to hide on my couch with the covers pulled tightly around me. I want to close my eyes and drift off with no other human body touching my own. There will be none of that,...

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