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  My church happens at home in the middle of the night with a fevering baby in my arms. I pray for strength. My church happens on the beach when I see through them for the first time what has been right in front of me for a lifetime. I pray for depth. Their eyes are my eyes. Their soul from...

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Today they beat me down to a pulp. They whined and poked and bickered with each other all the livelong day. In other words, they acted like children. The nerve. When they did come together, it was to unite against me. They plotted and gamed me, and they won. I lost my cool, my mind, and my desire to do any of it well by...

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Silence’s Gift

If you could sit alone in silence for just a little while, you’d have the time to remember how much fun they are, how much you wanted them, how much love and life you want to give to them. And how much they give to you. If you could sit and hear the thoughts in your...

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Tell me they’re wonderful, and tell me it’s because of how I mother them. Tell me my cooking is making them smart and healthy, and that my yelling, my rushing here and there, and my occasional inattention haven’t affected them at all. Tell me how bright and charming they are. (Please...

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Calming Brag

He’s reading now and bike-riding on two wheels, too. He’s jumping off diving boards into the deep ends of pools, and writing me love notes for no reason at all. He has friends now and a sense of humor. He’s on the traveling team (that’s what we wanted, right?) and he’s going to a wonderful...

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