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Buddhist Mother

When the decibel level in my home is high and crazy is all about me, I sing phrases like, “Jesus Take the Wheel” as a way to remember to breathe through the insanity around me.  I don’t know any other words to that song, so...

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The Way Home

{My husband believes that our house slants towards whichever room I am in at the moment and that our kids are like marbles on a floor that gravitationally roll into wherever I am.  It’s summer now, and I’ve been feeling those marbles under my feet...

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Bathroom Break

  He goes when the feeling hits and has consecutive moments of peace and quiet. He shuts the door, and is alone with himself. I try not to keep score, but I can’t help myself. The door never shuts for me. It is a group project with plenty of opinions and ideas about my body. He flushes and washes and...

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Two days ago I was asking my mom for money for gas for her car so that I could drive it to meet friends at a park, or at a football game, or at a house, if we were lucky. And then yesterday – I am sure it was yesterday – I am holding a little hand and...

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Two Rules

You can decide to become any profession at all; it makes no difference to me. A ferry boat driver, a mountaineer, an ice cream maker, or just a loving Daddy to three. I will believe in whatever you choose to be. You can decide to fill your life with any body you wish. A man, a...

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The Possum

He is dead weight in my aching arms. Motionless body, rhythmic breath. I’ve been bouncing, jiggling, singing, twirling, rocking for minutes that feel like hours, like a stoned teenager at a rock concert. We’re there now; I’m sure of it. My arms are done and shaky. His breath is regular and measured. His body is limp and folded and tucked into my own. However the feeling changes, I never...

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