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The Climb

  Observations on Life from Climbing Sand Dunes: Some people get to the top first; others arrive last.  Some people never make it to the top at all, but play in the sand all along the way, twirling, crawling, rolling, and getting sand in and on every part...

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Are You Going To Drink From The Water Of Life?

    This is my cousin, Terry.  He is 80 years old, lives in Ireland, and rides horses on beaches.  His energy is palpable; can’t you see it in this picture?  His love for life is contagious.  And, his love for those he loves is deep and...

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Before I Was Me, I Was You

  Life is confusing.  I love my kids, I wanted my kids and I believe my kids have made my life, but I don’t believe you have to have kids to have a great life.  I just don’t think that this motherhood gig is for everyone,...

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How To Be The Village

I absolutely begged the universe for this beautiful, smiling-in-his-sleep baby boy, and I absolutely was out-of-my-mind exhausted after his arrival. How To Be The Village 1.    Show up. 2.    Bring food. 3.    Then leave. ~Annie Flavin *** I am 26 years old and newly engaged to my (now) husband.  He and I...

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I Practice Nonviolence Everywhere But Here

I want to say that I’m very good at practicing forgiveness, but that is not always true.  I am a grudge-holder, at times.  I can take things too personally, at times.  And, if you’ve ever really hurt me, you’ll know I’m a girl who brings...

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Could You Spare A Moment?

I think we squash children’s genuine curiosity about differences by telling them we are all the same.  I don’t think it’s just my children who regularly see the differences – in their shoes from another’s, in their skin from another’s, in their eye color from...

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