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If You Wait said thunderstorms.  We decided to give it a go anyways.  It didn't rain one drop on us and we had the pool to ourselves...

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Along the Way

We are bleeding heart liberals and right wingers, mothers of one and mothers of many, though none of that really matters when you meet with babies in your arms and dark circles under your eyes. Our commonality, at first, was our children. We were lonely together. Until together made lonely go away. We were strangers to each...

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The Days

  If there is a tree, he will climb it. If there is a field, she will spin in it. If there is a rock, it will end up in his mouth. If there is a moment for me to breathe, I will remember that these are the days- oh, the endless days- when they were mine....

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Maybe Tomorrow

  Maybe Tomorrow Will you be free if you listen to the voice that lies? You know when in the light or on your meds, when in the day or with the ones you love that the darkness is a siren’s song that sounds like truth. It hoods you, it spins you, it sucks you further and...

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Nursing Toes

  When I nurse, her feet swirl and wiggle, back and forth, up and down, like a conductor’s arms setting the tempo for her suck. Her toes spread and grip, slide and hold, like a pianist’s fingers grabbing for keys to find the right note as she swallows, sucks, inhales, and swallows again. We are our own symphony. The call...

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