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  If I let them lead the way, we will have a better day. Follow, follow, follow, I say to myself in order to keep my Type A at bay. “Forgiveness is a promise,” he says, as he walks up ahead. “A promise to use your words instead of your anger to...

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  I hope my girl always remembers, forever and ever, the girls who came before her. *** Will you walk alongside her through the years - the tough ones, the smooth ones, even when you're not here? If only you could see it all. If only I could too. If only we didn't stop until everyone's story ended together. Of course that's not...

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  Find a tree, the sky, some water that overwhelms you, that helps you remember that we are all this small. While there, find a person, the child, some of yourself that silences the nonsense and fills you up with awe and love for what is all around when you open your eyes and see....

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This Beautiful Life

Sometimes people tell me a story and it moves me; their story makes me have to write.  Months ago, Kelle Hampton texted me a picture of the bed she bought for her little girls' bedroom and I couldn't help myself.  I wrote this that night, and...

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After the Rain

After the rain, the skies clear.  And after the rain, the fear leaves.  And after the rain, we breathe again....

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  "Will he be a boy?" she asked. "Yes," it said. "Will he run and jump and play?" she asked. "You're asking the wrong questions," it said. "He will be your dream come true because he will create your dream as he lives. Will you be his mother?" "Yes, please,"...

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