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It Feels Like An Assault And It Is Love

  (Skip this intro if you follow me on Facebook). *** I come from a long-line of people who like their space.  My Grandma Anne, for whom I was named, was happy to see us when we arrived at her home and then waved excitedly at the door...

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This Is How It Happens

  This is how it happens as it does when the weather turns, when all of a sudden the leaves have changed color. Where did the green go? Here comes the snow. When all of a sudden the sleeping on your shoulder and the generosity of their words have been replaced by friend sleepovers and one-word answers. It changed while...

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Arc of Life, If You’re Lucky

Arc of Life, If You’re Lucky “Did you get what you wanted?” Age 3: “YES!  Exactly!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” Age 43: “I think so.  It’s all a lot harder than I thought, but we’re doing it.” Age 83: “YES!  It was work, and there were mistakes, but it all worked...

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Before You Give Them to the World

  My kids are doing fine with school.  I, however, am having a harder time.  In general, I’ve never been a very good rule follower.  As a child, I questioned and argued.  As a young adult, I went to law school, which is the place for...

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Pillow in the Car

I haven’t had a conversation of any substance with my husband for many days.  At night, we fall into our couch to watch a show, and then one by exhausted one, like drunken college coeds, we meander into our bedroom where we indiscriminately pop up...

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The Odd Couple

  Want to know why parenting more than one child is hard?  Because if you have more than one child, they probably aren’t going to be the same.  At all.  Because they are different people.  Isn’t that difficult?  The individuality?  The fact that their favorite meals...

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