Never Too Late

A dear reader asked if I had any words for her friend who will be celebrating her 70th birthday next week. I went back and found this piece, which I wrote as a 36-year-old. This reader, who is already 70, said it was perfect and exactly what her friend needed, and that made me want to put this piece up in my own home so that I will remember it and live it over the next 30+ years.

The same shit really is going on with all of us, no matter our age. I think of this every time I see an older person who is living alone in her home and who can’t get out as often as she’d like; I remember when I had a two-year-old and a newborn and it was winter and getting out of my house was impossible. I felt so lonely that winter.

Same feelings, different reasons and seasons. And also, always hope, even if we have to scrape it off the bottom of our heel and clean it off to call it hope again.

“It is never too late,
you are never too old;

there is enough time –
I promise, there is –
if you make it,
if you find it,
if you scrape it
from the bottom of your heel
and clean it off
and call it enough,

then it is.”

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