Today they beat me
down to a pulp.
They whined
and poked
and bickered
with each other
all the livelong day.
In other words,
they acted like children.
The nerve.

When they did come together,
it was to unite against me.
They plotted
and gamed me,
and they won.

I lost
my cool,
my mind,
and my desire
to do any of it well
by 4 pm.

They worked
against me
and it felt personal.
Because it is the most personal:
are the most personal
to me.
My cooking was wrong, my suggestions were wrong:
our connection was off.
I whined
and poked
and bickered
right back.

Our ages are such
that I just never know
who’s going to wake up
and come down the stairs
on any given day.
Did we get enough sleep?
The right food?
The hell if I know.

despite my best efforts and intentions,
we wake up
as jerks
and no amount of love
can bring the people
I want to call my own
to me.

Once we’ve given up
for the night,
we talk together
and fall asleep together
laughing about the jerks
we can be
and the ones
we’ve made and love together.

We sleep
and wait for tomorrow’s sunrise
and we pray
to live to fight
another day.

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  • Been there.

    Just saw the movie "The Jerk" for the first time a few months ago. I kind of like jerks.


    May 16, 2014 at 8:47 pm

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