Spring (aka Hope)

Just when you think it'll never get better, spring arrives. Like health after sickness, like success after failure, like new life after death. A green shoot, a blue sky, a new lease on life....

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Wendy, Peter, and The Grown-Up

  These are their shadows and that was their laugh that filled up our home while I sat on the couch and photographed. And I wrote this piece about being here with them, but see, that's the thing: I then wasn't there because I was documenting. I snap a picture, I write it down in the hopes that it'll...

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Goodnight Thoughts

  When 8pm comes around and they, eventually, are sound asleep in their beds, do you know what I do? Even on the days when I’ve wished them to sleep all day long, even on the days when I’ve hidden in the pantry praying no one...

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Shotgun Start

It starts with the pitter-patter of feet or a yawn that whispers through the walls. It starts with the sounds you’ve waited so long to hear, “Dada dada, Mama mama,” or sometimes a cry. And you’re off. You can’t stop it now. The flow is moving you, carrying you through the morning. It’s diapers changing, breakfast making, kids dressing, hugs...

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A Crack

Even on the greyest day, there is color. Even on the darkest night, there is light. Even in despair, there is a grace that comes from being with those that bring the colorand the light. When we leave the door open. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960.0"] San Andreas...

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Parenthood, (The Good Parts)

Some people aren’t going to get this one or like this one or think this one means anything but gibberish.  That’s ok.  This is for the rest of us.Sometimes, I only want to read words about the good stuff.  And sometimes, the good stuff of...

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To Be Seen

  When I was a girl, and then yesterday, too, I used to pray, not for world peace or an end to poverty, but instead, to be seen. I would get found in a game of Hide and Go Seek because I would run out from my place of hiding when a car drove by, just in case that...

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The First Touch of Snow

  It all begins before we even know it has begun. The first flutter, the first kick, the first breath, the first cry, the first smile, the first step he takes when he doesn't reach back for my hand. They are not our possessions, you know. They are our companions with whom we get to experience all of our firsts again. This time around is...

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This Is How It Happens

  This is how it happens as it does when the weather turns, when all of a sudden the leaves have changed color. Where did the green go? Here comes the snow. When all of a sudden the sleeping on your shoulder and the generosity of their words have been replaced by friend sleepovers and one-word answers. It changed while...

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The Odd Couple

  Want to know why parenting more than one child is hard?  Because if you have more than one child, they probably aren’t going to be the same.  At all.  Because they are different people.  Isn’t that difficult?  The individuality?  The fact that their favorite meals...

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