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Never Too Late

A dear reader asked if I had any words for her friend who will be celebrating her 70th birthday next week. I went back and found this piece, which I wrote as a 36-year-old. This reader, who is already 70, said it was perfect and...

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Two hand-done pieces on marbleized paper (I did the marbleization with nail polish!) that were just sent out. "Where there is light, there is hope. And so, everyday the sun comes up and its rays say to you, 'Hello again! Hope is here!'" Every darn day - even when we can't exactly...

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Wander the World

We spent the past week in the Bay Area. While my husband worked in the city, I worked my way across the city as tour guide with our three kids. It was a whirlwind. I am significantly outnumbered, namely with a two-year-old whose greatest skills...

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Wild and Free

  I will not tame you. I will not demand, day after day and year after year, that you must be good, that you must act nice, that you must please everyone else so that everyone else but you is made to feel comfortable. I will not shield your eyes from everything ruthless in this...

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Free Refills, When You Get the Time

I poured so much into them. When they grew, I thought I’d be empty. I wasn’t sure I could give and give and give and still have anything left. I poured it all out – damn right, I did – but I am not empty. Water doesn't only come from above; wells of love don’t...

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You all will be getting this in your email right at bedtime, right when you may find yourself sandwiched between little humans who may be fighting over who is touching you the most-est. You might not believe it tonight, but it's true: Pangea today; their...

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