Two days ago
I was asking my mom
for money for gas
for her car
so that I could drive it
to meet friends
at a park,
or at a football game,
or at a house,
if we were lucky.

And then yesterday –
I am sure it was yesterday –
I am holding a little hand
and picking up a little body
and putting this little body in its car seat.
I am waiting and waiting
while she buckles it

If I keep waiting,
right in this very spot,
will another day pass
and will this little hand
that is fighting with a buckle
reach out in front of me
and ask for money
for gas for my car?

Will I have prepared her to
buckle her buckle and
ask for money and
make her own money and
keep her strong spirit and
voice her concerns freely
by the very next day?

until tomorrow.

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  • Lindsey Mead

    When I read this I gasped. Yes. The strange coexistence and collision between past, present, and future is something I know well. You evoke it so beautifully. xox

    June 19, 2014 at 3:18 pm

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