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One Day

Do you ever have one single day that feels like it has been many, many days long? Today – and, as I think about it, nearly every Thursday – feels like it was five days long. I’m throwing it back this Thursday to this same Thursday’s...

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Leave It All Out On The Field

Some day there won't be a baby in my arms and on my hip and my arms will feel funny; my hip will jut out, I'll rock from side to side, I'll bounce – all out of habit, like phantom limbs can give you pain....

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Free Refills, When You Get the Time

I poured so much into them. When they grew, I thought I’d be empty. I wasn’t sure I could give and give and give and still have anything left. I poured it all out – damn right, I did – but I am not empty. Water doesn't only come from above; wells of love don’t...

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You all will be getting this in your email right at bedtime, right when you may find yourself sandwiched between little humans who may be fighting over who is touching you the most-est. You might not believe it tonight, but it's true: Pangea today; their...

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Ask Her More

My 4-year-old likes clothes. She likes to play dress-up and take her show on the road, which means that often I am wandering around the grocery store with Rapunzel by my side. If I saw her, I would ask her about her dress. If you could...

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What I Wish I’d Known

This post appeared on The Today Show's Parenting Team community site. You can click on that link and vote for it there.  (Please do, if you can, as I will post some more pieces over there from time to time). Here it is: ***** Everyone will tell you to...

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No One Wins Who Hasn’t Lived

Today is the first day of spring.  I have been shuttling my kids around all winter, stuffing them into coats and car seats and hurrying for drop offs and pick ups.  We’ve been running all around, sometimes for something and a lot of times for...

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