Sentimental “You’re so sentimental now.” I respond defensively at first. But then, I think, how would I otherwise make it through? I pour myself a glass at 5pm, or meet friends at a park, to laugh off the day. But then, when it’s the middle of the night and the bottle’s empty and the friends are asleep, but my baby...

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Bitches Get Shit Done

It’s 4pm, also known as Mama’s So Tired and Kids Are Crazy o’clock. I want nothing more than to hide on my couch with the covers pulled tightly around me. I want to close my eyes and drift off with no other human body touching my own. There will be none of that,...

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  Each time I put them down to rest, I kiss them good-night, I kiss all of my screw-ups good-bye, and I vow that when they awaken, we will all be new. We can begin again. We can start fresh. Each and every moment. If we can ditch our own hang-ups and hangings-on of where we’ve failed, and...

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In the Closet

I sit down to take a bite – the first bite, the last bite; they want it all, except if it’s on their own plate. I would give them any organ in my body, any breath they needed, my life. Yet I hide in the kitchen, in the pantry, over the sink, and eat my food – shovel my...

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My Gifts

  My Gifts They are my woobies. My baby blankets, my favorite stuffed animals, my lovies, my pacifiers, my protectors, my good night songs and my good luck charms. I don’t know when what I am supposed to be for them became what they are for me. I don’t know when their spirits started filling the cracks that were in my own. When...

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